A MECALECTRO-FUJITA partnership innovates in the electromagnet without ghosting.


Mecalectro European leader, offers a wide range of electro-magnets, electromagnets, safety locks and electrodynamic actuators.

The performance and reliability of its products, allow Mecalectro to offer innovative solutions to the most demanding markets.


Faithful to this philosophy and, since 1 January 2014 in collaboration with the Japanese company Fujita, Mecalectro, markets in Europe, an innovative technology that couples electromagnets and dedicated pre-programmed electronic controller.

This association allows the gripping of the metal components and a variety of forms and that their separation is obtained in milliseconds weight.

The most important point is that this separation is no residual magnetism or persistence, which allows the achievement without damage to subsequent operations (painting, welding, processing, ...).


The electromagnet without ghosting

Controller FSCG Mecalectro-Fujita

A technological breakthrough


The Japanese company Fujita and Mecalectro first French manufacturer of electromagnetic actuators, present in Europe, a unique technology which couples electromagnets and dedicated pre-programmed electronic controller.


It allows gripping metal parts in different shapes and weight a few grams to tens of kilograms, with a separation of the parts obtained in milliseconds (<20ms).


Important point: this separation is done without persistence of the piece (<0,01mT), thereby bringing no damage to subsequent operations (painting, treatments ...)

Demonstrating video

Our FSCG controllers can be used to hold metal objects. This way you can transport objects, while controlling residual magnetism when they are deposited.



You can also choose the force of attraction according to different levels and adjust it to suit your needs best.




A wide range of electromagnetic modules is available for all your needs.

Reportage de la BBC

Posted on 06/06/16 in News

A l'occasion du salon INNOROBO 2016 à Paris, la célèbre chaine d'information anglaise BBC a choisi le stand Mecalectro, pour faire son reportage sur la robotique. Vous pouvez visualiser ce reportage en cliquant ici